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Design your own family heirloom! With our rustic DIY family pine tree kit, you can create a family keepsake with a style that's all your own! Each kit comes with a Virginia laser-cut wood pine tree, a rustic inspired galvanized bucket, spanish moss, foam insert, 20 wood circles for names, 9 wood ornament embellishments, red and tan twine for garland, and 10 fine point crayola markers to decorate. You'll also receive a log round with a "Christmas Wishes" or "Comfort & Joy" stamp with magnet and twine to display on your bucket to complete the look!


A fun holiday activity where each member of the family can help decorate the tree. Or, a great gift for someone who loves crafting! Both kids and adults will love the time spent creating together.



DIY Rustic Family Christmas Tree Kit

  • Finished Tree Dimensions: 12"w x 15"h.


    Each family tree is laser cut in Virginia, and may have dark edges from the cutting process on the back side of the tree.

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