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DIY Family Tree Magnet

DIY Family Tree Photo Magnet Kit instructions

Thank you for purchasing a FamilyTree original photo magnet kit. Whether for a home school, craft or scouting project, we hope you have fun learning about and celebrating family!

Step #1

Unpack the items in your tree kit. Start the project by creating the trunk of your family tree with the included chenille stems. Separate the five (5) stems on a flat surface, with two (2) stems grouped on the left and right, and one (1) in the center.

DIY FamilyTree Magnet: Step 1

Step #2

Hold the grouped stems in your hand. Cross the left two (2) stems with the right two (2) stems, then take the center stem and wrap around the bottom to secure until centered. 

DIY FamilyTree Magnet: Step 2

Step #3

Once the bottom of your trunk is secured, turn over and begin braiding the stems - taking the right group over the middle stem, then the left group over the right group, then the center stem over the left group and so on - until your braid is about three-quarters, or 6" inches, of the way up.

DIY FamilyTree Magnet: Step 3

Step #4

Once the trunk is braided, gently separate the five stems at the top. These will become your branches. 

DIY FamilyTree Magnet: Step 4

Step #5

Set your tree aside to begin working on your pictures.


Find the picture template, and carefully cut out the circle, including the top v-shaped notch, on the cardboard. You will use this to trace an outline on the pictures you would like to use for the tree.

DIY FamilyTree Magnet: Step 5

Step #6

Find or print out pictures of individual family members or small groups that you would like displayed on the magnet. Look for pictures where the person or group is the primary focus of the photo, and where the head and surrounding image is around 2.5" wide. 

DIY FamilyTree Magnet: Step 6

Step #7

Once your photos are selected, take the template, place on top of the photo subject, and trace around it with a pencil making sure that the v-shape is at the top center of your photo. Do this for each of five (5) photos - carefully cutting along the circular line when complete.

DIY FamilyTree Magnet: Step 7

Step #8

When your photos are all cut, you'll be ready to begin assembling the frames. 

To start, find the five (5) circular discs with aluminum edging. Take one (1) photo and set it on top of the disc, making sure to put the top center notch of the photo around the disc hole.  

DIY FamilyTree Magnet: Step 8

Step #9

When you're comfortable with the placement of the photo, use a glue stick to adhere the photo to the disc. Remember to make sure that the notch exposes the hole in each. Complete this for all five (5) photos.

DIY FamilyTree Magnet: Step 9

Step #10

Once your frames are ready, you can begin attaching each photo to the chenille branches of the tree - pushing the stem through the back of the hole,  and then bending over the top of the frame to secure. Pull more chenille through the lower branches to make them the shorter as in nature. Trim any excess chenille as necessary.

DIY FamilyTree Magnet: Step 10

Step #11

Now it's time to create the lowest branches of the tree. Take the small, fuzzy chenille stem and wrap once around the trunk underneath the lowest picture frame branches. Bend these stems downward.

DIY FamilyTree Magnet: Step 11

Step #12

Next, adorn your tree with your colorful felt bird (included), and optional flowers and butterflies. Just remove the adhesive back and press down in the location desired.

DIY FamilyTree Magnet: Step 12

Step #13

Lastly, place your two (2) provided magnets on the back of two different photo frames. Simply pull the adhesive off each and place where desired.


NOTE: once placed, the magnets will be difficult to remove.

DIY FamilyTree Magnet: Step 13

Step #14

Enjoy your completed family tree magnet on your refrigerator, wall organizer or any magnetic surface! 

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DIY FamilyTree Magnet: Step 14
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